Observe, explore and experiment with iconic science speakers and cutting-edge researchers



Jodrell Bank has also organised a completely unique fairground of science, which will bring a further 400 scientists to the site over the weekend.

They’ll be stationed on 40 stands with hand-on activities, for children, young and old, showcasing their research and giving you the chance to speak directly with some of the scientists doing the most exciting work in the cosmos – astronomy, space research, the Antarctic, the environment and so much more.

They’re looking forward to meeting you and you can ask them anything you like about their work. (There’s no such thing as a stupid question!)

Many exhibitor stands will also hold regular drop-in workshops each day (which replace the smaller number of pre-booked workshops last year) so there will be lots of opportunities for activities over the weekend.

Your exhibitors at bluedot 2023 include…

Science Shows

Taking place daily at the Big Bang Stage!

Science Tricks by Explorer Dome

The Science Tricks show will wow the audience with a baffling and brilliant array of experiments as the team use every day physics and kitchen chemistry to explain some key concepts. Explorer Dome is one of the UKs leading science outreach organisations, visit schools, colleges, festivals and events across the country and beyond. Explorer Dome brings science alive to over 70 000 children and adults every year!
Over the years we’ve visited nearly 8000 venues, met over 1 million children and loved every minute!

Volcanoes – what makes them go bang?

Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of Manchester
Volcanoes erupt around the world in different ways, some pour out red-hot rivers of lava whereas others explode with a bang! Why do we get different kinds of volcanic eruptions and what goes on inside a volcano? Join researchers from the University of Manchester as we explore what makes volcanoes tick through a series of mildly messy experiments (including some you can do at home!)

The Science of Sport by Science Made Simple
How do we balance, and what makes us fall over? What is happening when a ball bounces? What part does friction play in sport, and how can we protect ourselves from injury? Are you brave enough to sit on a chair of nails? Can you spot why things that spin are so important in sport? Limber up and get involved!

Wiggly Worms by The Story Stem

Help our wriggly engineers of the underworld as they take us on a journey through the magical world beneath our feet… The Story Stem will take little ones and their grown ups on a fun and interactive story adventure to help inspire them to ask questions about the world around them. We’ll follow an original story,
featuring live music, sensory props and imaginative play to help children learn about the ‘Wiggly Worms’ and all the amazing things that they do.

The X-tra Factor by Science Made Simple

Join us on a journey to meet some amazing women in STEM who are mostly unheard of despite their
achievements. Engineers, inventors, volcanologists and more! Discover what ground-breaking work they did and meet the modern-day equivalents they inspired along the way. From light, gravity and volcanoes to musical moments and strange paper chains, this presentation has lots of demonstrations and ways to get involved!

Dr Sue and the Frozen Zoo by Chester Zoo

Join the Chester Zoo team to find out how we prevent extinction with Cryopreservation! Our expert scientist Dr Sue will be helping us along the way to see if we can protect species for years to come!

Dance x Science with Science Grrl

Enjoy a boogie with Science Grrl in this family session exploring the science of dance. Learn how science and creativity are interlinked and discover the scientific concepts that enable us to move our bodies. Hosted by women in STEM who are also dancers, you’ll get to learn a short dance routine whilst exploring the anatomy, neuroscience, and physics that underpins dance movement. Science and dance are for EVERY body!

Here at bluedot, we bring together the worlds of music, science and culture in a joyous celebration of human creativity.

We’re so excited about our science programme this year!

Curated by Jodrell Bank, the talks programme alone brings together over 60 speakers and panellists to talk about their research, their discoveries and their challenges. Some of the brightest minds in the UK will be here to illuminate our minds!

Some of them will be signing books at the festival bookshop over the weekend too, so do go and have a chat to them there too.