The bluedot podcast returns!

To coincide with Cop26, taking place in Glasgow, we are excited to introduce Plate Up! – a new miniseries in association with The Vegan Society, delving into the role that veganism can play in the future of our planet.

Over the three episodes pf Plate Up! we’ll be speaking with climate change scientists, sustainability experts and notable vegans to discuss how adopting lifestyle changes can make a difference to the future of our blue dot…

From the roots of the vegan worldview, to our current climate crisis, and some of the solutions veganism and sustainable lifestyles could provide.

In this first episode we’ll be introducing what veganism mean in 2021 – what it represents, how it might be different to what you think, and how wide-ranging the vegan lifestyle is. We’ll be uncovering the background to modern veganism, and the ethical perspectives that have become the foundation for the vegan way of life.

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