We’ve teamed up with Big Green Coach so that getting to the festival site is quick and easy, with coaches operating from over 20 locations!

All day coaches will arrive for gates opening and will leave at 11:45, allowing you to see the headline act on the Lovell stage, while leaving you plenty of time to get back to the coach park which is situated next to the main entrance.

Weekend return coaches will arrive in plenty of time for you to grab the best camping spot and will depart for home on Monday 25th July (not too early!).

Check out how quick your coach journey will be below and book your coach and festival ticket today.

Timetable for the coach times can be found here.

We’ve also calculated your journey times in planet and andromeda travel time too! 

Distance = 375,000 km
Drive time = 195 days (assuming 80kph)
Drive time = 1.25 seconds (assuming Warp Factor 1)

Distance = 100 million km
Drive time = 143 years (assuming 80kph)
Drive time = 5.5 minutes (assuming Warp Factor 1)

Proxima Centauri
Distance = 40 million million km
Drive time = 57 million years (assuming 80kph)
Drive time = 4.2 years (assuming Warp Factor 1)

Andromeda Galaxy
Distance = 24 million million million km
Drive time = 34 million million years (assuming 80kph)
Drive time = 2.5 million years (assuming Warp Factor 1)

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